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I Give You Permission to Clear a Path and Go After What You Want!

For so many of you, going after what you want feels selfish,

But, as I see it, the word “selfish” gets a bad rap and it’s time we redefine it! Even though you’ve probably been told that being selfish is worst thing you could be, being selfish and selfless are not mutually exclusive.

I’m the Most Selfish Woman In the World!

I say that without hesitation. Without fear. Without judgment. Why? Because being selfish has nothing to do with being cruel or self-absorbed. It means knowing when to say no, how to prioritize your self-care and go after the things you want in life – so you can pave the way to a life of your own design.

I help people like you who might feel like they’ve disappeared, stuck, or lost their path and are too ashamed to ask for help, find the courage to live happily and make what they want a priority!

Do You Know Your Relationship Blueprint?
Discover yours and have the love you want!

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Choose greater confidence and clarity. If you are ready to jump into the life you’ve been waiting for, I’ll show you how to take the leap, inch-by-inch. Set clear boundaries, ask for what you want and develop the courage to take new steps.


Increase your net worth, by increasing your self-worth. Feel worthy of what you desire most out of life. Learn how to manage money better, charge what you’re worth, make healthy choices and take back your personal power!

New Relationship Blueprint Coaching

Uncover a new way of being in a relationship, one where you can be exactly who you are! Find the love you want whether you’re looking for a relationship, want to improve the one you have or are unsure if you even want to date again.

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Rock Your Foundation
Before It Rocks You

When you stay in a situation that isn’t working eventually your own well-being demands to be heard. And when you don’t heed the call, the truth still comes out – often in destructive and painful ways.

That’s the way it was for me. My journey back to myself began when I gained the courage and confidence to take the first steps toward me!

  • Set healthy boundaries without guilt
  • Retire your people pleasing, overachieving, superhero cape!
  • Practice a more enriching version self-love

Master Integrative Life Coach, host of the weekly call-in radio show Jump Start Your Life on Hay House Radio and creator of Jump Coaching, Worthy Coaching and New Relationship Blueprint Coaching, I’ve has helped thousands of people find the freedom to express themselves and pave their own life path!

Because of Nancy, I am no longer stuck and afraid. I’m LIVING and I know that I have the power to manifest the life I desire. I am truly grateful for the jump Nancy made in her own life, so she could help others do the same.

Julie Jacky

Destination Me


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