Rock the Damn Boat
And Put Yourself First

On the outside your life looks perfect. But, deep down inside you know that something is “off”; you feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

You have a momentary thought that maybe you could make a change, but in the end, you don’t dare rock the boat. Afraid that if you did, you would disappoint everyone. Worse yet? If they found out who you really were, no one would love you.

For years I heard the faint cries of dissatisfaction, but as a die-hard people pleaser, I convinced myself that my needs didn’t matter. Instead of speaking my truth, I took pride in my unending endurance to stick things out. I thought that if I simply tried harder, achieved more and devoted myself to pleasing my husband and everyone around me that it would all get better. It didn’t.

I give you permission to put yourself first!

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Our capacity to betray our own needs is amazing.

We deny and bury our feelings so deep that we can’t even admit them to ourselves. It wasn’t until the end of my marriage that I realized how much I had disappeared.

When things finally fell apart, I could no longer ignore my own feelings. It was time to rock the damn boat and create a new life.

Through my coaching programs and workshops, I’m confident that you’ll gain the tools to embrace being “selfish” and claim your needs.

Whether you’re stuck in an unsatisfying job, relationship or personal circumstances, I can help you discover what I now know – when you learn to honor your own needs, you truly can live a fulfilling life on your own terms.

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Choose greater confidence and clarity. If you are ready to jump into the life you’ve been waiting for, I’ll show you how to take the leap, inch-by-inch. Set clear boundaries, ask for what you want and develop the courage to take new steps.


Increase your net worth, by increasing your self-worth. Feel worthy of what you desire most out of life. Learn how to manage money better, charge what you’re worth, make healthy choices and take back your personal power!

New Relationship Blueprint Coaching

Uncover a new way of being in a relationship– one where you can be exactly who you are, even on a first date! Find the love you want whether you’re looking for a relationship, want to improve the one you have or are unsure if you even want to date again.

If you’re looking for support on your personal journey, join my Facebook Group: Transform Together with Nancy Levin. This group is a safe place to share your truth, receive inspiration and learn how to live life on your own terms . . . and I’m right there with you!

My Promise To You.

Coaching will help you create a life built on your own terms. I’ll stand with you, so you can find the courage and freedom to articulate your needs and set clear boundaries – saying no to the things that are no longer aligned with who you are.

And even if you can’t imagine a life beyond the one before you, I promise to believe in a possibility far bigger than you can believe.

  • Discover a safe place for you to explore and try new ways of being.
  • Share your thoughts and emotions without judgment or shame.
  • I will never impose my agenda or outcome for your life.
  • I’ll hold you accountable to take action and make changes.

Coaching can change your life in surprising, new ways.

Begin today by exploring one of my coaching programs.


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Because of Nancy, I am no longer stuck and afraid. I’m LIVING and I know that I have the power to manifest the life I desire. I am truly grateful for the jump Nancy made in her own life, so she could help others do the same.

Julie Jacky