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Throw Out Old Programming and Adopt a New Relationship Blueprint!

Do you feel like you’re stuck in relationship déjà vu? The same arguments show up, you attract the same type of guy or gal and you never feel like you can ever be yourself in order for the relationship to work?

Yes? Then it’s time to adopt a new relationship blueprint.

Let me share a secret with you – having a healthy relationship does not mean fixing problems or sticking it out. And you don’t have to improve or fix yourself or hide parts of who you are.

Instead of losing yourself in a relationship, learn to feel safe being who you are – even on a first date.

Even if you’ve sworn off relationships, had your heart broken or feel like you’ll never find the right partner, New Relationship Blueprint Coaching will show you how to break free from old patterns and beliefs and discover the relationship you’ve always wanted.

New Relationship Blueprint Coaching Opens Once A Year

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“New Relationship Blueprint Coaching granted me the permission to be me. What a difference in my day-to-day life, in my stress level and my self-worth! I always believed that happiness is an inside job, but now I have the proven steps to make it happen in my most intimate relationships.”

Amanda Weber


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New Relationship Blueprint
Live Coaching

Redefine your relationships through this live, interactive group coaching program. Be fully supported to remove the obstacles that keep you from greater self-love – so you can have the relationships you want.

Discover True

Break free and learn to lean into a self-love that will help you attract and strengthen the relationships you’ve always wanted to have.  

It’s possible…

It’s possible to have a relationship where you can be deeply in love and still have the confidence to move through conflict and ask for what you want.

I’m living proof.

For years, I put my needs on the back-burner, putting everyone and everything around me first. I disappeared into an unhappy marriage – I didn’t even know who I was without my ex. It wasn’t until our divorce and a lot of personal work that I finally gave myself permission to put my needs first.

For the first time I felt free and reached a place of complete security within myself. I was convinced that I was DONE with romantic relationships! I swore I didn’t need a partner. But, life had other plans and I met my partner, Aaron.

New Relationship Blueprint Coaching was born out of my personal relationship lessons and those I witnessed with my clients.

More than just a toolkit for your most intimate relationships, New Relationship Blueprint Coaching will help you find fulfillment in every kind of relationship so you can finally have the love you truly want!


“I was once willing to ignore my desires for the sake of being accepted. I am no longer willing to compromise myself. The New Relationship Blueprint contains powerful steps that appear over and over as you strengthen your relationships on all levels – with lovers, friends, with colleagues and children – but most importantly yourself.”

Barb Ridener

It’s possible to be completely in love and respect each other’s independence!

Whether you are single, dating, or in a relationship this 10-week group coaching program will help you:

  • Break free from unconscious patterns that stand in the way of what you want
  • Express your feelings with courage and confidence
  • Learn to take care of your needs first while still strengthening your relationship
  • Become more loving, accepting and compassionate to yourself
  • Experience more hope and less dependence
  • Gain greater awareness of the role you play in your relationships
  • Be deeply in love without losing yourself

With live weekly video sessions that are also recorded and delivered the next day, a New Relationship Blueprint Coaching workbook, and a Private Facebook Group and bonus materials to support you through the emotional roadblocks to self-love and discover the relationship you’ve been waiting for.

New Relationship Blueprint Coaching Opens Once A Year

Be the first in line to learn about our next coaching group and receive free tools and goodies to get you started today.